What Makes Lighthouse Inspections - Toronto Centre Stand Out

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What Makes Lighthouse Inspections - Toronto Centre Stand Out

About Lighthouse Inspections - Toronto Centre

We provide the best residential and commercial Inspections in Toronto, discovering valuable insights for the homeowner. Instruments used include a thermal imaging camera, moisture detector, carbon monoxide detector, electric receptacle testers, and other tools.

Lighthouse Inspection - Toronto Centre is a franchise which operates from Toronto Centre as part of Lighthouse Inspections Canada.  We are a family business with two employees operating from our home office, and are available 9 am to 9 pm, seven days a week. We are based in Toronto but operate our business across Ontario - we come to you! 

Lighthouse Inspections, with more than ten inspectors, is able to cover all of Ontario including Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Hamilton, Brantford, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and London to the south-west, as well as Ajax, Whitby, Pickering, Oshawa, Belleville and Kingston to the east, and Newmarket, Barrie, Aurora, Bradford, Muskoka, Owen Sound, Parry Sound and North Bay to the north. In general, we are always ready to serve our clients across Ontario.

We are also web-based (www.torontoinspector.com) and active on social media. You can connect with us on Instagram (#lighthouseinspections_jamal), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/litehaustc/), Twitter (@LighthouseInspc) or LinkedIn (Jamal Shehab). Check us out for valuable information related to home ownership, and photos from some of our more interesting inspection adventures.

Over the last two years of operation, we have performed many home inspections. I'd like to share two stories that show the value we provide. When you get a great service, your returns are enormous.

The first story is about how, in contrary to general misconceptions, home deficiencies and issues are not an obstacle but a valuable tool that our clients use when buying their house. This is exactly how Vikita and Akshay used it to negotiate a better price for their potential property. (Please read Vikita’s review in the “Review” page).

My other story shows how the quality and value of our service is recognized and rewarded through our referrals. Last year, we had performed an inspection last year in Scarborough, and the clients were thrilled with our performance (Thank you Yogapriya and Ravi for the positive review). Several months later they referred their friends, for whom we performed two inspections (Congratulations to Vikita and Akshay on their new house and thanks for your review). Also, as a result of these inspections, their agent referred us to another client (Thank you, Arthur). At another time, after we had performed a pre-sale inspection for a house in Forest Hill (Toronto), the real estate agent representing the buyer for this house noticed the thoroughness of our inspection report and asked us to perform an inspection for their own home in Thornhill (Thank you Orit).

We’re always growing and trying to incorporate the latest and best home inspection practices. We are continually adapting to new technologies, trends, and tastes. For example:

  • We use thermal imaging to look for moisture behind finished surfaces, which was not used before.
  • In addition to the traditional paper inspection report, we use a digital format which includes pictures of the issues found during the inspection, and recommended solutions.
  • We are looking to incorporate drones into our inspection practices in the future. While we are unable to climb onto roofs due to insurance limitations, drones will help us view the entire roof and form a better understanding of any issues. For this, we do need to coordinate with government agencies regarding the usage of drones in residential areas.

While we are happy with our business’ progress so far, we look forward to achieving our five-year business plan, working at full capacity and performing at least two inspections a day. After that, we shall consider hiring additional professional inspectors to deal with the expected growth.

The Lighthouse Inspections - Toronto Centre Difference

  • Jamal Shehab, our owner and lead inspector, has over thirty years of experience in the construction industry. It is important to be armed with engineering expertise, enabling us to find solutions to the problems and issues that we discover during inspections.  
  • At Lighthouse Inspections, we simplify things to help our customers make an educated decision about their real estate transactions. Also, we show first-time home buyers how to take care of their most valuable investment using the knowledge and expertise that we gained through the years.
  • Our home inspections cover all systems of a house and convert complex information into simple and clear reports. Our inspection reports ensure peace of mind because every inspection is carried out by an inspector who has specialized training and is consistent and professional in their approach.
  • Our customers are sellers and buyers of residential homes, condos or commercial properties, young and mature. We treat everybody according to our philosophy of integrity, professionalism and client-focused mindset. All these attributes come together to ensure that when it comes to home inspection, we are second to none.
  • While client satisfaction and home inspection is our passion, we also enjoy preserving the environment. Our proprietor is a LEED A.P. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional) and implements all possible green initiatives into our business. For example, we started issuing digital inspection reports, and provide printed copies only upon the request of a customer - especially when we perform a pre-sale home inspection where anyone attending the open house can view the report. Additionally, we signed up for a monthly plan for the supply of printer cartridges on demand where we recycle and return these cartridges to the supplier.