Busted! Don’t Believe These Home Inspection Myths!

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Is the foundation of your home sturdy? Are the appliances adequately installed? Does the plumbing need replacement? Are there signs of leakage or evidence of termites? If you have such questions about a house you plan on buying, they can only be answered by home inspectors who are trained to point out minor issues as well as expensive ones.

A home inspection is meant to protect a home buyer before they sign a contract. However, new homebuyers today are waiving home inspections and accepting houses with all their hidden flaws. With misconceptions floating around, home buyers do not understand the value of an inspection or lack clarity on what to expect from it.

To help you avoid falling prey to these myths, Lighthouse Inspections - Toronto Centre has debunked a few of the most widely believed myths about home inspection.

Myth 1: New houses don’t need inspecting.

Homeowners assume that builders deliver new houses free of any defects. The reality is that many sub-contractors take part in the construction of the house, and therefore some work is left undone because they consider specific tasks to be the responsibility of other sub-contractors. For example, caulking around window frames and kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

At the same time, the general contractor or builder is sure that the work is complete and is willing to hand the house over to the new homeowner.

Our experience in inspecting new houses show that relying on the builder’s assurance that the house is devoid of defects is a colossal mistake.

When a builder tries to talk a home buyer out of a home inspection, it’s a huge red flag for the home buyer and the home inspector.

Myth 2: Home inspectors help negotiate the price.

A home inspector must go through the house, check the condition of its elements, find deficiencies and faults, make appropriate recommendations and report the general condition of the home.

The buyer and the real estate agent are the only people participating in price negotiation with the seller. However, the home inspector, with his findings, helps the buyer and his real estate agent make an educated decision on whether or not to buy the house and at what price.

Below, find Vikita’s review stating how our home inspection helped her negotiate the price of her house:

“Jamal got introduced to us during our best friend’s home inspection. We were impressed by the way he took time in inspecting every single component from top to bottom. That’s why after a year, we asked him to inspect our house too. His attention to detail helped us negotiate an even better property price. We highly recommend him for a home inspection.”

Myth 3: Hiring any home inspector is fine.

Hiring a home inspector in the province of Ontario is not an easy task because licensing is not required. Therefore, anybody can practice this profession after obtaining an online certificate.

The best way to hire a home inspector is to research online and find out home inspectors reviews and their online exposure. After that, the buyer can interview two or three of them to find out their level of experience. The real estate agent can also recommend a few home inspectors based on their experience with them.

When interviewing home inspectors, it is essential to know if they are professional, insurable, available seven days a week, work with the latest technology and produce digital inspection reports which include pictures of the home deficiencies and issues. You can also ask them to send you a sample report.

Hiring the right home inspector can save home buyers thousands of dollars sometimes by merely uncovering a home’s hidden or deferred maintenance problems or severe substandard structural concerns.

Steer clear of these myths by reaching out to the professionals at Lighthouse Inspections - Toronto Centre. We are InterNACHI certified home inspectors with over thirty years of knowledge and experience. We offer a complete range of standard home inspection services comprising of pre-listing, pre-purchase, pre-sale, property inspection, and commercial inspection services. Our goal is to protect our client’s investment by identifying problems at an early stage and revealing immediate solutions. We are available seven days a week to address any issue and also assure support post-inspection.

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